About Bohica Bill

Originally conceived and designed by Bill Massry in 2003, Dilligaf by Bohica Bill delivers cutting-edge, ready to wear clothing and accessories for men and women at an affordable price while expressing the laid back American attitude and expressions of its founders.

What does Bohica stand for? I always viewed Dilligaf as a question, while Bohica as the Answer!!! Are you ready? 'BEND OVER, HERE IT COMES AGAIN'.

Bohica Bill's growing clothing line expresses his inner, care-free attitude without being offensive. The signature and irreverent "Dilligaf" slogan represents the mentality that life is too short to take everything seriously. As the brand grows, the slogan behind the acronym, "Dilligaf" is becoming less of a mystery and the more recognition the brand receives, the more buzz it generates. Those that know the meaning behind the name, come to appreciate the message as a fun way of expressing one's carefree outlook on life.

Dilligaf by Bohica Bill offers t-shirts, tank-tops, sweatshirts, hats, miscellaneous attire and accessories sold through its several New York retail stores and company website.

Dilligaf by Bohica Bill is for light-hearted souls who enjoy each and every day! Dilligaf is not just an attitude... it's a lifestyle

Do you know the pinnacle of t-shirt euphoria? It’s having a unique look and the satisfaction knowing that you’re the only one who has it.
That’s how we feel about our exclusive tees here at Dilligafusa.com. We work with many designers and artists to bring you their incredible, diverse, and one of a kind designs for you to wear and collect. If you want to keep your style up to date, there’s no better selection anywhere. Whether for any holiday, trend, or whatever is happening in the world today, you’ll be able to express your point of view with our exclusive tees from Dilligafusa.com.

All Dilligafusa.com exclusive tees are designed by our staff or submitted by T-Shirt artists. We print them and ship them directly from our warehouse.

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