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What the Hell is Dilligaf?

It's an acronym for:

Does It Look Like I Give a F@#k!!!!

 My name is Bohica Bill.  I created the clothing line in 2003. Dilligaf is for the light-hearted souls who are just looking for a few laughs in life. If you're not light-hearted, don't wear it!  If you are light hearted, wear the shit out of it! It will make you and those around you happy. You will feel truly fulfilled and somewhat vindicated on even a crappy day. My favorite place to wear Dilligaf  is EVERYWHERE!!!! It reminds me not to take life so seriously. Laugh and when you can, laugh more!!!  Life is short.....  Enjoy it..... Most importantly, remember Dilligaf is not just attitude, its a lifestyle. Now Live It!!!

I may not be a genius, nor do I have a degree in psychology, but I love when other dilligafers reach out to me. Each week I pick my favorite question asked and give that person $100 of FREE MERCHANDISE!!! So go ahead.....


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